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These Fonts Will Change Your Cricut Craft Projects for the Better!

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These days, many people are into cricut. It is a machine that can be used with various materials, a modern die-cutting technique. With the machine, you no longer need to cut your design after printing. The machine will do the work for you automatically.

This machine can make numerous craft projects, from cards to vinyl art. In this passage, you will get to know some fonts that can fit this printing technique. You can also learn some tips to beautify your craft projects.

8 Fonts to Add to Your Cricut Crafts

Adding text to your design helps with message delivery to the audience. Here are some fonts that will enhance your craft:

1. Monatia

cricut font

The Monatia font displays elegance and modernity. This script font offers you an authentic handmade look. Don’t worry about the handwriting design looking stiff though; Monatia has a contemporary touch. It combines thick and thin strokes, which makes the font look dynamic.

Created with OpenType features, Monatia includes beginning and ending swashes for most of its characters. You can even find alternates that support languages other than English. You can use this font for stationery, formal invitation cards, and even packaging.

2. Aprils

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 17.20.21

Aprils is a realistic hand-drawn font that suits various craft projects, such as cards and stickers. The height of the letters is similar whether you set the typewriter in lowercase or uppercase. The lowercase and capital letters have distinctive features, which will make your work look unique.

This font set comes with swashes and leaf ornaments that can further enhance your craft’s aesthetics. Luckily, Aprils also supports multilanguage use. Apply this font for projects that require playfulness.

3. Caliche

cricut font

Vintage is a trend that never ends. If you are working on a vintage or retro craft project, consider using Caliche as the font. This font has a hand-drawn look that differs from others. It has a slightly rugged vibe. While the strokes have consistent weight, you can see some bumps here and there throughout the letters.

You can obtain Caliche in the regular and slant versions, ensuring you can tackle various design projects. Caliche perfectly fits the tropical summer vibe, but you can apply this font in other laid-back contexts.

4. Folklore

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 17.21.46

Making a cricut craft for a Halloween project is not an issue if you have Folklore at hand. This font is designed to be spooky yet fun! Folklore’s letters come in the all-capital format. This feature, combined with the proper space between characters, makes this font readable.

Folklore offers a touch of whimsicality to your craft project. It looks like a good doodle that even children can appreciate. This font is available in regular and outline formats. Use it for cards, posters, and stickers.

5. Hello Winds

cricut font

The word “trippy” may adequately describe Hello Winds. It is a font that is fun to look at, with letters in the same sentence not being perfectly aligned. This sort of messy yet organized look suits craft projects that do not take themselves seriously.

You get accented letters within the font package, allowing you to make designs in languages other than English. Additionally, Hello Winds comes with 46 Halloween-themed doodles that crank up the design’s cute level. Use this font to craft posters, headers, and even social media posts.

6. Spooky Zombie

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 17.23.11

Another spooky font example for your cricut project is Spooky Zombie. This display font has an eerie quality, making it a great font alternative for your Halloween-related designs. The fact that the font comes with 26 Halloween-themed doodles also helps its case.

With its purchase, you get the regular and outline version. The outline version will obviously offer more creative freedom. You can add shading to make the text appear three-dimensional. Spooky Zombie is good for headlines because of its attention-grabbing qualities.

7. Flicking

cricut font

Flicking is the perfect font if you are working on a retro-themed design. This script font embodies the 1960s with its chunky shape and quirky swashes. You will notice that the font has tight space between letters, some connected with ligatures.

Because of its structure, you can use Flicking to make labels and invitations. Ensure that you do not apply this font for high-density text because it will render the text unreadable. Flicking is available in regular and shadow formats. You can combine the two to add more flair to the design.

8. Leather Necks

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 17.24.47

This vintage font is great for making stickers, thanks to its striking look. Simply type your powerful words with Leather Necks, and you will have an attractive design at hand. The great thing is that you get the script and sans versions of the font. When combining these two formats, you will get a well-balanced text design.

You can opt for the regular style if you prefer straight lines and the aged style if you like your lines squiggly. The creators derived inspiration from classic American typography and traditional sign painting when making this font.

Crafting a Cricut Project

This innovative printing machine allows crafters more options for executing their well-thought-out designs. It simplifies the steps you need to take from conceptualization to fruition. You don’t need to do much to make crafts; you just need a good machine and a good design.

Learn how to use the Design Space program if you want to get infinitely better at printing with cricut. Train yourself on how to customize your design on this program; various blogs offer such knowledge for free. Being able to navigate the program enables you to come up with more creative designs.

Knowing what materials to use is also important. Even when you are sure you want to use a paper material for your craft project, you need to specify what kind of paper it will be. Your decision on the material will affect the outcome of the result. For example, certain paper is harder to cut due to its thickness and texture. It will prevent you from getting clean cuts.

Incorporating text into your cricut designs is a way to spice them up. After all, words are more effective when communicating your message clearly. The aforementioned fonts are among the best options because of their versatility when printed across different media.

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