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Margin Retro Font, an Element You Need for Your Vintage Design Project

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The 70s era is a distinctive era that boasts a vibrant spirit. If you want to evoke the groovy disco days of this era, then the Margin Retro Font is the right choice. This font is a time capsule that transports you back to the funky and free-spirited vibes of the 70s. 

Despite the retro style, this font is still relevant. Find out why this font should be part of your next design project in this article!

The Inspiration

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As you might have guessed, the Margin Retro Font takes the disco and groovy era of the 70s. The fun and free spirit inspired the creation of this chunky and bold font. Just with one glance, this font will easily catch your attention with its fun and quirky shapes, making it an excellent choice for a display font. 

The 70s era was about pushing the limits in terms of design, hence, the distinct look of the design, including the typeface. This era used a lot of thick or chunky shapes, wavy lines, and tight letter space. These characters are reflected perfectly in this retro font.

Although this font is chunky and has a rounded shape, it is still highly legible and easy to read. Therefore, you can incorporate this font into the body text as well without worrying that the text becomes difficult to read. 

Style Selection

margin retro font

There are 2 types of styles offered in the Margin Retro Font package: the Regular and the Italic Style. Due to it already having a chunky letter form, this font does not provide a bold style version.

1. Regular Style

Just as its name suggests, Regular has a basic style with a smooth, round, and friendly feel. This simple design evokes a retro vibe without appearing too complicated. Use this style to add some old-school cool vibe to your design project.

2. Italic Style

While the shape is similar to the Regular one, the Italic style is slightly slanted. This adds a playful twist that can give your design an extra kick to enhance the groovy retro vibe. Use this as a heading and title to create a cool design style.


Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 15.58.20

Due to its versatility, the Margin Retro Font can be easily applied to various design projects and media. From print to online media, this font is easily applicable and adjustable. Here are some ideas on how you can use this cool font.

1. Advertisement and Posters

Retro advertisements and posters are known to be fun and quirky. So why don’t you add these nostalgic vibes to your next design? This font is eye-catching, and the Regular style helps you keep things clear. Make sure that your audience gets your message clearly. If you want to add a little bit of extra excitement, you can always use the italic style.

2. Online media

On the internet, you need a unique design to make sure your website or social media posts stand out. This is what the Margin Retro Font will do for you. The font will help your content pop into a digital noise and creation world.

3. Logo

If you are working to design a logotype, use this font to create a stylish vintage-style logo. The Regular style will add a professional touch to your logo, while the Italic version will add personality to it. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the letters to create a unique 70s-style logo. Guarantees that your logotype will make every head turn. 

How to Use Margin Retro Font

margin retro font

There are many ways you can use this font to make your design pop among the crowd. So make sure you experiment with every aspect of the font to add personality to your design. Mixing styles and adding colors gives your design a whole new look!

Here are some tips on how to make your design with the Margin Retro Font attract the audience.

1. Mixing regular and italic style

With multiple texts on your design, you can always combine font styles. In this case, combine the Regular and the Italic style to create a balance. Use the Regular one for normal text, and then use the Italic version to grab attention.

Using the same font with different styles is a good way to create variation in your design. This avoids clashing font design that makes your overall design look unbalanced. 

2. Add space to the letters

Adding or reducing space between the letters can make an impact on how the final design looks. If your text looks a little bit difficult to read, adding more space will effectively increase the legibility. Meanwhile, less space between the letters will make your text look tight and cool.  

3. Experiment with colors

Another method you can try is by experimenting with colors. Adding solid and bright colors will give your design a fun twist. You can always use vibrant colors to improve your text’s groovy and free-spirited look.

Margin Retro Font is more than just letters. It is a time capsule that brings the 70s vibe back to your design project. The available Regular and Italic styles add a funky past look to your design. 

This font is available in OTF and Webfont versions, which will add flexibility when using it. It supports multiple languages, so you can easily use this font in various languages. The font already includes letters, numbers, punctuation, and alternate ligature, giving you flexibility and design freedom.

Whether for printed media or online, Margin Retro Font adds a splash of the 70s cool vibe that certainly will grab your audience’s attention.

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