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Create Charming Designs with This Retro Fonts Bundle from Dharmas Studio!

retro font bundle

There are plenty of retro fonts available online. However, searching one by one is time-consuming, and purchasing each font can be expensive. However, you can opt for a retro fonts bundle that comes with a few retro fonts at a lower price to save time as well as money. 

Characteristics of Retro Fonts

Despite displaying an old and classic style, retro fonts seem to never go out of style due to their nostalgic appeal and timeless charm. These are the characteristics that make the retro font stand out.

1. Serif font

Vintage font often uses serif features, which are the small strokes at the end of the characters to enhance the classy style. Classic serif styles such as slab or bracketed are the most common styles used in retro fonts.

2. Ornate details

Another unique characteristic of retro fonts is the addition of ornate and decorative elements to the characters. The elements can include curls, flourishes, and other intricate details.

3. Script elements

Script elements are also common in retro fonts, which give them the look of a handwriting or calligraphy style. This type of element not only adds elegance but also enhances the feeling of warmth to the typeface.

4. Condensed or extended forms

For display purposes, retro fonts often use condensed or extended forms, which give the typeface a distinctive shape. This type of retro font is great as a display because of its chunky appearance, making it highly visible. 

Fonts Included in this Retro Fonts Bundle

In this retro fonts bundle from Dharma Studio, you will get the 20 best font families that you can use for various design projects such as brand identity, packaging, logo, book covers, posters, and many more. Here are the 20 fonts offered in this bundle.

1. Average

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 15.21.18 e1702974130599

Despite the name, this font is far from average. This unique serif typeface comes in 3 styles including Regular, Normal, and Italic, which give you flexibility in using them. However, with its simple letterforms, Average is great when combined with a more decorative typeface such as script.

2. Bon Foyage

retro fonts bundle

Bon Foyage has more decorative looks compared to the previous font, Average. These unique letterforms come with beautiful glyphs that will help you create an impact on your design project. Combine Bon Foyage with simpler fonts to create a balanced typography.

3. Bright

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 15.24.03

The chunky letterforms with swash make Bright a great display font. This font also comes with 50 unique alternates and ligatures, giving you extra flexibility of use. Bright includes 3 interesting styles, they are Regular, Italic, and Outline.

4. Brotherhood

retro fonts bundle

This font only comes in Regular style, however, its beautiful letterforms are great for display purposes. The monoline display sans font is easy to read but has unique shapes that will help you easily attract attention.

5. Cheria

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 15.25.39

Cheria is another font in this retro fonts bundle with chunky letterforms that are great for display design. It comes with regular and bold styles, so you can easily adjust it to suit your needs. With the simple shape, Cheria will also look good in a body text.

6. Cyrano

retro fonts bundle

If you are looking for vintage fonts with fashionable and chic designs, you can use Cyrano, which is also included in the bundle. This European-style font comes in Regular only, but it will make a perfect display text.

7. Etnyca

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 15.27.14

Entyca is a stylish typeface with a beautiful typeform perfect for display. This font comes in regular and italic styles with unique uppercase and lowercase letters. Use this font to add more characters to your design project.

8. George

retro fonts bundle

You will also find George font in this retro fonts bundle. George is a classic serif font that offers a bold and elegant style. The vintage flair enhances the classic and stylish look of this typeface. 

9. Gunydrops

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 15.31.33

Vintage fonts are not only classic and elegant, but sometimes they can also be groovy and playful, like this Gunydrops font. This bold and playful font offers the 60s and 70s feel that will make your design project look extra cheerful.

10. Kelpo

retro fonts bundle

Another groovy font in the retro fonts bundle is Kelpo, which is inspired by the 70s style. The font has the old cartoon style, which will be perfect for your groovy-style poster. It only comes in regular and italic styles, but it has a bold look that will be great as a display text.

11. Margin

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 15.34.01

With the retro look and bold style, Margin offers a slightly traditional 70s style. This nostalgic font has regular and italic style only, but it already has a bold look, so you can use it easily as a display text.

12. Mattire

retro fonts bundle

When you look at this font, you will agree that Mattire can pass along as both a modern and classic typeface. The font is bold with minimal decoration, which will make a perfect header. 

13. Minya

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 15.35.35

Another font with a retro and modern look in this bundle is Minya, a bold serif font that gives an elegant and nostalgic feeling. The font comes in 4 styles: regular, outline, italic, and outline italic.

14. Nambya

retro fonts bundle

If you’re looking for a sharper style, then Nambya can be a perfect choice. The experimental style gives this font a unique look and will help your design stand out and be unforgettable.

15. Night Empty

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 15.37.35

Night Empty is the font that you’re looking for to create a 70s retro look. The soft, bold, and italic styles are perfect as a headline for your poster or other display purpose.

16. Nighty

retro fonts bundle

This font also offers a groovy 70s vibe with this chunky and playful typeform. This font will bring out the nostalgic feeling from the 70s era and look perfect for your 60s-70s-themed design project.

17. Replay

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 15.39.16

Replay is a simple, rounded, bold font that gives a clean and neat look. This versatile font is perfect as a display text as well as body text. The rounded and chunky style will remind you of the 60s era.

18. Swipe

retro fonts bundle

In this retro fonts bundle, you will also get the Swipe font, which has a fun and playful look. It comes with a soft, bold shape in regular and italic style that will look perfect for any design purpose.

19. Salty Mussy

Screen Shot 2023 12 19 at 15.41.42

You will love this Salty Mussy font for a quirky and twisted design look. It has a psychedelic style that brings back the 70s.

20. Transcity

retro fonts bundle

Last but not least is Transcity, a neat and fashionable which makes it perfect for invitations, advertisements, and many more. This vintage font combines modern and playfulness, making it versatile for any use.

With this retro fonts bundle, you will get 20 vintage-style fonts, making your design more alive and fun. With these 20 fonts, you can easily choose which fonts are suitable for your design at a cheaper price!

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